by Rachael Andrews

March '24 DAR Star: Janet Lee Epperson

We work with absolutely incredible people—and we all have varied interests and experiences, which adds to the unique makeup of the University of Georgia. We’ll be regularly spotlighting a few rock stars from around the division so that even…
Hands on keyboard with a UGA mug
by Cindy Bond

Updates to DME Dashboard Tab in GAIL

There are three more essential functions now located on the DME Dashboard tab. Users can add Selections to Exclude, Previous Marketing Effort Exclusions and Seeds all in one central location. This is in addition to the other essential settings…
Photo of Columns
by Cindy Bond

New Columns Added to Events Tab in GAIL

No more hopping back and forth between a constituent profile and an events page! Users can now see more detailed event information about a registered constituent directly from the constituent’s Events tab using the Type, Status and Attended…
Smart Communications illustration
by Taejah Harper

A Guide to Using GAIL Communications

No doubt about it — GAIL has become more powerful since it first launched back in 2013. The ability to send mass communication pieces to practically any group of constituents has become more popular, and…
Here to Help text image
by Cindy Bond

Team Dynamix User Guide – Helpdesk Tickets

We can all use a little help sometimes. Here's a handy color-coded guide to help you figure out where to look for the help you need. And here are basic instructions on how to submit a Helpdesk ticket.
UGA Grads with Fireworks
by Cindy Bond

FY22 GAIL Statistics Report

Fiscal year 22 was a record-breaking year for DAR and UGA. Check out the FY22 GAIL Statistics Report. Learn where UGA's 348,960 alumni reside, how much money was raised via email marketing efforts, how much was raised through snail mail,…
Kaltura & Zoom logos
by Marcus Jennings

Zoom and Kaltura: Two peas in a pod

I’m sure most of you have used YouTube, Vimeo or other online video sharing platforms in some capacity. Did you know UGA offers a similar product for faculty, staff, and students to use for FREE?! If not, let me introduce you to Kaltura.…
Building Interests for Message Targeting
by Buck Sharp

Building Interests for Message Targeting

The goal of interest-based marketing efforts is to provide the audience with more relevant and tailored communications and programming. Knowing what interests your audience informs the content, activities and fundraising opportunities you choose…
by Emily Clary

Building Deliverable Emails

Of course it’s important to create nice looking emails to send to your constituents, but did you know that some of your email elements could actually be keeping them out of inboxes? Use this article as a resource when crafting emails to ensure…
by Olivia Engesser

New Segments vs. Existing Segments

As our division and our efforts continue to grow, so does the information stored in our database. This means a continual increase in the number of segments housed in GAIL. To conserve space and reduce confusion among users, let's explore ways…