by Lily Fleenor

November '22 DAR Star: Kenny Marchyshyn

We work with absolutely incredible people—and we all have varied interests and experiences, which adds to the unique makeup of the University of Georgia. We’ll be regularly spotlighting a few rock stars from around the division so that even…
Beat Week
by Heather Duiser

UGA wins Beat Week (again)

It’s always an exciting matchup when UGA and Auburn go head-to-head in "The Deep South's Oldest Rivalry," and Beat Week 2022 was no exception. The Dawgs claimed the victory for the third year in a row thanks to alumni, students, parents, faculty, staff and friends.
Texting 101, Chapter 3: Message Tips
by Jill Bateman

Texting 101: Message Tips

Texting can be a powerful way to engage University of Georgia constituencies. Increase effectiveness by considering these tips when composing text messages. Consider … “Is this valuable information for the audience?” Verify the…
by Jill Bateman

Texting 101: Best Practices

Texting is intended to supplement communications strategies to increase University of Georgia fundraising participation and engagement. The purpose of text messaging is to relay information about UGA-organized events, programs, fundraising and…
photo of UGA cheerleader running the super G flag onto the football field
by Heather Duiser

Donors make 9,339 gifts on Georgia Giving Day

UGA's first 24-hour fundraising campaign smashes goals, nets $5.3 million to areas across campus.
Texting 101, Chapter 1 - The Basics
by Jill Bateman

Texting 101: The Basics

You receive texts and feel proficient in sending and answering messages, right? So why should you learn more about how to incorporate texting into an overall communication strategy for the University of Georgia? Well, because there’s more…
by Ryan Phillips

Six Analytics Tools for Annual Giving

Here are six tools and how to use them in order to help you assess your program's annual giving.
Beat Week Logo
by Evan Tighe

UGA Claims Beat Week Victory (Again)

It’s always an exciting matchup when UGA and Auburn go head-to-head, and Beat Week 2021 was no exception. Beat Week is the philanthropic counterpart to "The Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry," and the rules are simple: the university with the…
hands holding a phone
by Reese Jones

UGA Engagement Center: New Technologies & New Opportunities

The UGA Engagement Center is dedicated to using new technologies to bring exciting opportunities for the university.