We are the storytellers.

Call us DARCOMM. We proudly serve as an in-house marketing agency for the Development & Alumni Relations division (DAR) at the University of Georgia. Twice a year, we plan. The rest of the time, we design mailers, build websites, write, film, photograph, tweet, and a lot more.

Collaboration is how we do our best work. White-boarding and idea-bouncing get us going. Data and analytics teach us how to do better next time. We love to learn from one another. We often partner with the Marketing & Communications division and build templates and tools to help all schools, colleges, and units with development and alumni relations. We streamline. And dot-connect. And always do our best to consider our audiences’ perspectives.

We’re always searching for new ways – more creative ways – to reach our alumni and donors. To help our division achieve its mission and help every DAR unit achieve its goals.