Bulldogs Believe in Tomorrow

Uga, UGA's bulldog mascot
by Tyler Daniels

As we happily say “good-bye” to 2020, we welcome a new direction for development-related messaging and visual style.

While our commitment to remove barriers and open doors, enhance the learning environment and solve grand challenges will continue; we’ve provided new and refreshed resources to help you tell the story.

Our new messaging map organizes key messages into a hierarchy to ensure that our communications are clear, consistent and compelling. It can serve as a reference point when developing messaging for funding priorities. As our priorities become more specific, our messaging will become more effective – pointing toward relevant outcomes for our audiences – improved learning, leadership, and quality of life.

The messaging map prescribes what we say. Our voice is how we say it. The Development Style Guide includes our brand narrative, which incorporates an authentic voice that focuses on the concept of “tomorrow.” It also includes a new visual style that leans into the overall UGA brand and incorporates a range of illustration styles, which can be used depending on the tone and personality of the project.

These resources can be found on the DAR resources webpage. They will guide our voice and visual style as we all work toward a better tomorrow for our community, our state and our world.