Keeping It Real – How To Be Authentic With Your Video

by Edwin Hammond

When it comes to connecting with your audience, you gotta keep it real. One of the most important aspects of storytelling is authenticity. With the videos we create, our goal is to tell a compelling story that connects with and engages our audience. Sometimes that involves a highly produced and polished video. Other times, things are much more organic and simple.

When you are hoping to maximize authenticity, a less polished and more organic video is the way to go. The connection between the viewer and the subject of the video is much more direct, authentic and strong when it’s something the subject recorded themselves. We have seen a lot of success with this type of video with student messages to donors thanking them for their contributions to the University. It’s a much more personal message, and the viewer is highly engaged.

As much as we would love to produce amazing videos for every need that arises, sometimes the answer is to just keep it simple. Never underestimate the power of authenticity to connect with your audience.

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