by Lily Fleenor

April '23 DAR Star: Adam Prescott

We work with absolutely incredible people—and we all have varied interests and experiences, which adds to the unique makeup of the University of Georgia. We’ll be regularly spotlighting a few rock stars from around the division so that even…
by Kate Lovin

Collaboration Spotlight: Virtual New Parent Welcome Events

The Parent Giving and Regional Programs teams joined forces to engage parents of new UGA students across the country.
Collaboration Spotlight: Ask Me Anything
by Michelle Versfeld

Collaboration Spotlight: Ask Me Anything

The successful Ask Me Anything series is an example of the innovative collaboration that happens between DAR units even in challenging times.
Members of Women of UGA at ASW Exchange
by Bethany Glass

What Beyoncé Can Tell Us About Philanthropy

Women now make up over 40 percent of top wealth holders in the U.S. How do we make sure we’re reflecting that in our own fundraising priorities and programming?
Emailing Efficiently-feature image
by Adam Roell

Emailing Efficiently

Let us get one thing out of the way: I cannot take credit for this idea. Someone taught me this previously, and now I want to pass it on to anyone who has ever gotten frustrated with emailing to the masses. This method may not be as efficient…
by Natasha Radojcic

Partnering with Faculty

Faculty members are the lifeblood of any university. Their work with students and contributions to academic research are the reason development officers work so hard to raise private support. Furthermore, they are on the “ground level” with…
by Jane Barghothi

The Life Cycle of a Gift

Bringing a gift to fruition from beginning to end is often a full team effort. It includes multiple departments, colleagues and activity and happens over time – sometimes months, sometimes years. The following story describes the team effort…
by Adam Roell

Humility: A Fundraiser's Best Friend

Usually when people think of humility, it is not the first quality that they want others to notice about themselves. Humility can sometimes be associated with a lack of confidence, knowledge, or skill in a particular profession. In the world…
We Commit
by Jane Barghothi

10 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Becoming a Frontline Fundraiser

Do you ever look back on the first few years of your career as a fundraiser and say to yourself, “Did I really do that?” I have multiple times, whether it was making an assumption about a donor or over-researching a prospect before picking…
UGA Fundraising
by Adam Prescott

How Do You Eat An Elephant? The Road Warrior’s Starter Guide for Frontline Fundraisers

How do you eat an elephant? With one bite at a time! As a Development Officer with a multitude of goals looming over your head, it can be easy to sit down at your desk/airplane seat/Starbucks table and feel discouraged. We work in a metric-driven…