What Documentation Do You Need to Book a Planned Gift?

UGA Planned Giving Documents
by Patrick Knowles

Below is a list of the required documentation to book a bequest, a gift in a revocable living trust or a beneficiary designation (life insurance and retirement).

  1. Fully completed Statement of Future Gifts;
  2. Copy of the relevant language from donor’s/donors’ will(s) or copy of the beneficiary designation page(s) confirming the “University of Georgia Foundation” as beneficiary.
  3. A Planned Gift Agreement (only required if donor’s planned gift being documented will create a new endowment).*

When you have the above documentation, please forward it all to Patrick Knowles and forward the original documentation to him via interoffice mail.

Please note that the above relates to bequests, gifts in a living trust or other beneficiary designations. However, additional paperwork is required for irrevocable gifts of life insurance, pooled income funds, CGAs, CRTs or other irrevocable trust instruments. Please involve the Office of Gift and Estate Planning as soon as your donor indicates interest in any of these irrevocable gift instruments so we can coordinate with you to ensure compliance with Foundation policies.

* Please contact Jennifer Hancock directly to initiate preparation of the Planned Gift Agreement.