Why is branding so important?

Image detailing dos and don'ts of design for the UGA brand.
by Brenna Sumner

Branding is important because it represents the identity of your business or organization. Fun fact: every designer looks at a brand’s guidelines and can see different opportunities for creative exploration within parameters of the brand. It’s important to remember that the brand guide is not a strict set of rules to follow exactly, but rather a set of guidelines intended to maintain consistency.

A few reasons branding is important:

    • Differentiation: Our brand helps distinguish the University of Georgia, and our Development and Alumni Relations marketing from other universities.
    • Recognition: Our audience will recognize and remember us, hopefully making them more willing to open an email or letter from us.
    • Reputation: Strong branding can create a positive reputation which might help attract more students, employees and donors.
    • Trust: A strong brand can establish credibility and build trust with your target audience.
    • Consistency: A clear brand identity helps create consistency across all aspects of marketing and communications, providing a unified approach to messaging and design.

Overall, branding helps build a memorable and meaningful connection with your target audience, creating value and contributing to the success of the university. In other words, think twice next time you want to stray away from the brand guidelines. The design might look prettier with a pink or orange background, BUT it might also compromise the integrity of UGA’s brand!

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