June ’23 DAR Star: Caitlin Lacey

by Lindsay Tuck Morris

We work with absolutely incredible people—and we all have varied interests and experiences, which adds to the unique makeup of the University of Georgia. We’ll be regularly spotlighting a few rock stars from around the division so that even if you don’t cross paths with them in the break room or Zoom with them on a weekly basis, you can get to know colleagues who can enhance your work life and productivity.

Without further ado, please enjoy our Q&A with Caitlin Lacey …

Name: Caitlin Lacey

Title: Donor Reporting Coordinator

  • In my role, I am responsible for producing annual endowed faculty impact reports, financial endowment reports, and the bi-annual Presidents Club newsletter. I collect  donor biographies from donors who have given endowed gifts to the University. I also write The Stew, which is a quarterly newsletter that is sent to all stewardship professionals across campus.

Where can we find you?

  • Online: ude.agu@yecalsc
  • On Campus: Quarters B, Health Science Campus (Donor Relations is moving soon to 1 Press Place)
  • At Home: Watkinsville, GA

Time in DAR: 8 years

What is your favorite reason for working for UGA / DAR? I love that DAR is composed of people from different backgrounds and talents, yet we are all working together towards the same mission. I have enjoyed getting to know my colleagues over the years and feel that many of my co-workers have turned into friends.

Where did you grow up: Pensacola, FL

What is your favorite spot in Athens to grab lunch? Marti’s at Midday or Cali N Tito’s

Tell us about your family … I live with my husband, Alex, and our two children, Cade (4) and Olivia (1).

Outside of work, I’m passionate about … Spending time with my family, hiking, traveling, reading, and home improvement projects.

Favorite Podcast:I love listening to true crime podcasts! My go-to is Dateline. I also listen to Office Ladies religiously.

Lately, I’ve been watching … Yellowstone

My dream vacation (cost and time aside) would be to visit … I would love to take a month and travel across Europe.

We hope you learned something new about Caitlin. We are lucky to have her on our DAR team! Feel free to reach out to her if you have questions about donor reporting, or if you’d like to talk about true crime podcasts.