“The One with the Best Communications Team”

by Elizabeth Elmore

When a situation arises that could use a communications solution, DARCOMM is here for you. Below is a guide to recruiting our team to be your best marketing and communications friends.

If you are a member of a central DAR unit …

… you are assigned to a specific communications team member who serves as a project manager, writer and general liaison. These communicators are at the ready … armed with AP Style books, ASANA, Slack, red pens and style guides. Office of Special Events projects are assigned six months in advance to a project manager whose knowledge best aligns with the task at hand. Some central DAR units are not assigned a permanent project manager; instead, assignments are made on an as-needed basis.

Zach Armstrong

Zach Armstrong
Communications Coordinator

Assigned Units/Projects:

  • Alumni Relations-Chapters
  • Alumni Relations-Student Programs
  • Alumni Relations-Women of UGA Affinity Group
  • Donor Relations & Stewardship
  • Alumni Association Website (alumni.uga.edu)

Favorite Friend Traits: Friendly, Playful, A Wet Nose, Barks at Strangers … but really, a willingness to play board games with me
Favorite Friends Episode: Not having watched Friends much, I’ll go with the “worst Friends episode” according to Google: “The One with the Invitation”

Danielle Bezila

Danielle Bezila
Part-Time Communications Coordinator

  • Tag-teams Alumni Relations-Events with Loran Posey
  • Alumni Relations-B100 + 40 Under 40 Honoree Outreach

Favorite Friend Traits: Understanding, Loyalty, Kindness
Favorite Friends Episode: “The One with the Unagi”

Katy Clements

Katy Clements
Communications Coordinator

  • Annual Giving, including centralized solicitation efforts
  • Alumni Relations-Young Alumni Affinity Group
  • Giving Website (give.uga.edu)

Favorite Friend Traits: Honest, Witty, Dependable, Kindhearted
Favorite Friends Episode: “The One with the Embryos” – Miss Chanandler Bong, anyone?

Katie DeGenova

Katie DeGenova
Senior Director of Communications

  • UGA Foundation
  • Board of Visitors

Favorite Friend Traits: Kindness, Confidence, An Affinity for Wine & Cheese
Favorite Friends Episode: “The One with the Wedding Dresses”

Elizabeth Elmore

Elizabeth Elmore
Communications Director

  • Alumni Relations-Board of Directors
  • Georgia Magazine
  • Alumni Blog (alumni.uga.edu/blog)
  • Campaign Connection (give.uga.edu/campaign-connection)

Favorite Friend Traits: Loyal, Supportive, Hilarious, Adventurous
Favorite Friends Episode: “The One with the Baby on the Bus”

Emily Munnell

Emily Munnell
Part-Time Communications Coordinator

  • Gift & Estate Planning
  • Talent Management
  • Tag-teams Career Center with Loran Posey
  • The Pulse (DAR’s internal e-newsletter)
  • DAR Website (dar.uga.edu)

Favorite Friend Traits: Sense of Humor, Childlike Wonder, Forgiving Nature
Favorite Friends Episode: “The One Where Phoebe Runs”

Loran Posey

Loran Posey
Communications Associate

  • Parent Giving
  • Alumni Relations-Black Alumni Affinity Group
  • Tag-teams Career Center with Emily Munnell
  • Tag-teams Alumni-Events with Danielle Bezila
  • Tag-teams UGAF + Board of Visitors with Katie DeGenova

Favorite Friend Traits: Positive, Empathetic, Questioning, Humorous
Favorite Friends Episode: “The One with the Jellyfish”

Clarke Schwabe

Clarke Schwabe
Proposal Writer

  • Corporate & Foundation Relations
  • Development, including principal gifts and regionals
  • Proposal Toolkit
  • Major Gift Announcements/Promotions
  • Tag-teams Economic Vitality Website (itstartswith.uga.edu)

Favorite Friend Traits: Flexibility, Good-Heartedness, Relaxed, Sense of Humor
Favorite Friends Episode: “The One with the East German Laundry Detergent”

Remember that DARCOMM follows a strict planning process to anticipate projects and ensure resources are available. Please let the team know ASAP if you know of a new communications project by emailing your team’s communications project manager above.

If you work in a school/college/unit on campus …

… your projects should be handled by your area’s communications staff member. If you have a suggestion, are seeking guidance or are curious what materials or templates are available for your use, please contact one of the following individuals:


Also, don’t forget that there is a wonderful resources section on the DAR site with lots of downloadable information and templates! Something missing? Email Emily Munnell to let her know!

If your back is against the wall and you don’t know what to do …

…simply email Elizabeth Elmore. She’ll analyze your situation, seek input from others and determine how DARCOMM can best assist you!