Surpassing 400 Georgia Commitment Scholarships: A True Team Approach

Prospective students ring the Chapel Bell while touring campus
by Brittany Rider

We recently surpassed our goal of creating 400 new need-based scholarships through the Georgia Commitment Scholarship Program, and this could not have happened without the servant leadership, innovation and commitment of each person in DAR. This milestone is a true team effort and one that will significantly impact the lives of students both now and for generations to come.

Thank you to each development officer who shared Georgia Commitment Scholarship information with your donors and who worked so hard to secure these scholarships that will change students’ lives forever. Thank you to the UGA Foundation staff members who work tirelessly on drafting fund agreements, answering our questions, and ensuring that donors’ preferences are met. Thank you to DARCOMM for creating materials that tell the impact of GCS so well, and thank you to every other DAR staff member who played a role in reaching the 400-scholarship milestone. We truly are stronger together!

These Georgia Commitment Scholars are an incredible group of students, and this is just the beginning. The inaugural cohort of Scholars is already halfway through their collegiate careers, which is so hard to believe. Many of these students have secured internships or study abroad opportunities for the summer, and several are even working on campus. Several Georgia Commitment Scholars have taken leadership positions on campus through student organizations, University Housing and ambassador programs within their own schools and colleges. These students are bright, talented, motivated individuals who are now thriving at UGA because of your hard work in helping to create their scholarship.

The Georgia Commitment Scholarship Program goes beyond just financial support, and students are immediately provided with a wealth of resources once they arrive on campus. First-year GCS students can participate in a course specifically designed to introduce them to life as a college student, and this has been tremendous for building community and friendships among the group. Students also have access to monthly programming opportunities, networking events, financial literacy workshops, peer mentoring and tutoring.

We will welcome a new class of Georgia Commitment Scholars to campus this fall—our third cohort of students—and it is my sincere hope that everyone has a chance to meet one of these students at some point. Their stories will inspire you as you learn about the hardships they have faced or the obstacles they have overcome to be where they are today. They are aspiring doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers and politicians, and they are the leaders of tomorrow.

These students are eager to learn, to grow their network, and to step outside of their comfort zone at UGA. Thanks to the hard work of everyone in DAR and our partners across campus, a UGA education has been made possible for these students. Bulldogs helping Bulldogs—that’s our passion. Thank you all for being so committed to these students, to the GCS program and to UGA. You are so appreciated!

Please note: There are still matching funds remaining and opportunities to impact even more students through the Georgia Commitment Scholarship Program. Thanks for your hard work!