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The White Coat Note Project

On Sunday, August 13, the incoming Class of 2027 will receive their first white coats before family, faculty, and friends as they take an oath affirming their commitment to veterinary medicine. Help us…

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Support Undergraduate Research at UGA

As the state of Georgia’s most comprehensive research institution, the University of Georgia is committed to research that changes lives. Undergraduate research plays a key role…

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Support CED’s Founders Memorial Garden

This garden is cherished by students, faculty, alums, garden lovers, history buffs and wildlife alike!  It serves as a classroom, tailgating venue, celebratory space for graduations…

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  • $14,760.00 Funded

Giving Voice to the Voiceless 2023

  The Giving Voice to the Voiceless endowment established by Charlayne Hunter-Gault (ABJ ’63) and her husband, Ron Gault, provides grants to UGA students to tell stories that advance social justice, global understanding and human good. The grants…

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Peabody Giving Day 2022

It is well-known that a Peabody Award represents the highest achievement for excellence in broadcasting. What may be less well-known is how…

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PAC Giving Week

Help Send a PAC Student to DC! Our goal is to raise $5,000 to completely send a student to Washington, D.C. This includes everything down to their airfare. Your support will prepare the next generation of public…

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The White Coat Note Project

The White Coat Ceremony is a time-honored tradition for our CVM students as they enter the College of Veterinary Medicine to start their careers in veterinary medicine. As you reflect on your time…

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Sponsor a Coastal Marine Ecology Student

Ecology students who work under the mentorship of Dr. Jeb Byers have the opportunity to spend the summer collecting data in the field and in the lab, sharing their findings with scientific…

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Engineering Giving Day

   The College of Engineering held its inaugural Giving Day last November, and the support from alumni, parents, faculty, and friends was overwhelming. We easily surpassed our goal of 75 gifts, and this year we’ve set our sights…

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Peabody Giving Day 2021

  OVERVIEW Truth itself is under attack. Journalists face increasing threats of violence across the world. Trusted media organizations are shrinking and disappearing under the pressure of market forces. Facts are routinely distorted by social media and public…

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  • $26,250.00 Funded

The Institute for Disaster Management

The Institute for Disaster Management is dedicated to altruistically participating in disaster response to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of all affected. Give today! Since March of 2020, the Institute for Disaster Management (IDM) has assisted…

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Pharmacy Beat Week Challenge

Support the PharmDawgs. Help us Beat Auburn! Let’s show Auburn, and the Harrison School, how PharmDawgs Hunker Down and win, on the field, and beyond. In an effort to form a ‘friendly’ competition between our Pharmacy…

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AdPR Giving Day 2021

Make your gift and show the world just how loud AdPR Dawgs can bark! Thanks to the generosity of AdPR friends…

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SPIA Giving Day 2021

Join us for our Sixth Annual SPIA Giving Day! For 24 hours, we are Calling All Dawgs to join the movement and help build tomorrow today. With all of us working together, everything we give—time, money,…

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  • 214 Backers
  • $34,781.00 Funded

Warnell Giving Day 2021

For 24 hours, we are asking our entire community of alumni, friends, faculty, and staff to join together and make  an impact at Warnell  Now more than ever, it’s important that we…

  • 75 backers Goal
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  • $11,590.00 Funded

Ecology Giving Day 2021

CALLING ALL ECOLOGY DAWGS Giving Week is still going! Make your gift by midnight TONIGHT to be counted as a Giving Week and Ecology Giving Day donor. As a donor, you’ll receive 20% off at the…

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FACS Giving Day 2021

For 24 hours, we are asking our entire community of alumni, friends, faculty, and staff to join together and make an impact on the College of Family & Consumer Sciences. What difference can one day make? The…

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Social Work Giving Day 2021

Give Today for a Better Tomorrow. We are experiencing unprecedented times. Every community across the country, including the School of Social Work, has been impacted…

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  • $4,550.00 Funded

Law Giving Day 2021

24 hours for your generous support of the next generation of diverse, talented leaders. On April 22 beginning at 8:00 a.m., the University of Georgia School of Law presents Giving Day! For 24 hours,…

  • 150 backers Goal
  • 127% % Complete
  • 191 Backers
  • $66,435.00 Funded

Public Health Giving Day 2021

For 24 hours, we are asking our entire community of alumni, friends, faculty, and staff to join together and make an impact on the UGA College of Public…

  • 50 backers Goal
  • 136% % Complete
  • 68 Backers
  • $5,531.00 Funded


SUPPORT INNOVATION AT THE ERC It’s Georgia Giving Week! You can make a difference and help build tomorrow today with a gift to the Veterinary Educational Resources Center (ERC). Your gift to…

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CED Giving Day 2021

CALLING ALL CED DAWGS Friday, April 23, is CED Giving Day! You can make a difference and help build tomorrow today with a gift to the CED Excellence Fund. Together, we can help students cultivate the skills needed…

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Fight Food Insecurity With UGA Campus Kitchen

Campus Kitchen is a student-led food recovery and redistribution program that transforms unused food into meals and groceries for older adults and human service agencies in Athens. Student leaders manage volunteer activities including food recovery…

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  • $2,755.00 Funded